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Go ‘Green’ With Window Film

Are you looking to make your home more energy-efficient at little cost? One way you can achieve this is by installing window film. Instead of having the glass replaced, you can simply apply this to the interior of your existing pane and change its heat and light transmission properties. But how exactly do window peels fit in the “green” campaign?

During the summer and spring months, window film can block between 65 and 80 percent of the sunlight entering your home. It can also reduce heat gain by more than 75 percent.

The level of insulation will vary depending on the type and brand you purchase. Privacy film for windows tends to diffuse more light than say etched or stained glass window film. But you can always expect a certain degree of cooling and comfort. This, in turn, means you will not have turn on your air conditioner as frequently.

The air conditioner is one of the most power-guzzling appliances anyone can own. With its runtime shortened, you can enjoy lower energy bills. The monthly discounts may not be substantial, but these small dollars can add up to huge savings over time.

At the same time, you can do your share in protecting the environment. Not using the air conditioner as often translates to reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition, you get to address concerns over the annoying glare on televisions, laptops and computer monitors. So if you live in an area with a generally hot climate, leave the film up throughout the year. To get the most out of your window peels, install them of the west and south sides of your home.

UV protection
Window peels can also block 95 to 99 percent of UV rays and consequently help in reducing heat buildup. This characteristic is also vital in maintaining the colorfastness of your curtains, carpeting, furniture and wood flooring. Otherwise, surfaces often exposed to UV rays will fade fast. There are health benefits as well. UV rays can be absorbed through the skin, so being protected makes you less vulnerable to skin cancer and rapid aging.

Heat loss
Even during cold winter days, window film can also be your ally. Able to retain 35 to 60 percent of the warm air inside, it helps keep your home cozy. Plus, the addition of this layer slows down heat flow through the glass pane. This means you can better regulate usage of your electric heater, thereby reducing power consumption.

Such treatment is particularly recommended if you have drafty windows and can feel the cold air every time you come near. So while you have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause (could be poor insulation and sealing around the frame or a loose pane) of this, window film makes for a quick and easy solution.

Tax credit
More good news? You have the government on your side, as it awards tax credit to those that introduce energy-efficient changes to their homes. You are eligible as long as the window film is installed in 2009 to 2010 and compliant with the qualifying insulation system. The tax credit is 30 percent of the product’s cost (excluding installation expenses), with the maximum at $1,500.

Window film can save energy and protect the environment in more ways than one. It is also among the most cost-effective means of reducing your electricity bills. So jump on the bandwagon and make your contribution in the fight against climate change.

By Randall Freedman

Brighten Up Your View With Decorative Window Film

Are you using curtains to block an unsightly view? Do you use blinds to keep your nosy neighbors from seeing what is happening inside your house? Instead of these dust-gathering draperies, why not cover your windows using decorative window film?

Window film is a beautiful and sophisticated thin sheet of plastic that is used to keep other people from prying into your house. It blocks unwanted views out of your sight while at the same time brightens your room by diffusing ambient light throughout your room.

Applied to interior windowpanes, window films used for decorations are also used to control temperature, block the sun’s harmful rays, and control glare. Depending on the type, style, or color of the decorative window film, you can spruce up your home into stylish spaces within a few minutes.

Many of the films for windows are installed by professionals but there are the do-it-yourself types that, besides being affordable, can be installed in a few steps: clean the glass; wet the glass using water with soap; remove the film from the backing paper; apply the film onto the wet glass and smooth with hands; and using a squeegee, remove the water and air bubbles.

If you want to brighten up your view using deco window films, you have to determine how you want to use the films-as a focal point, as a cover of the entire window, or as tints for various windows throughout the house. Then, select a color them for your films. Choose colors that compliment the colors of your room.

It is better that you opt to cover your entire window. This will allow you to remove the blinds, shades, drapes, or any window treatments that you have. If you have a small room, using deco window films instead of the traditional decor will make your room appear larger, warmer, and more inviting. More importantly, if you are looking for complete privacy, this is the best option for you. You can also go for a semi-private design by applying the film to the upper half or bottom half of the window. Applying the film on the upper half of the window blocks the glare caused by sunlight while applying it on the lower half gives you some private space.

If you want to give your windows an expensive look, opt for centerpiece accents. They are ideal when updating boring windows. In an instant, your transparent oversized glass windows turn into stylish and elegant glass frames. If you just want it simple and understated, try using border accents. Unlike centerpieces, border accents require trimming to achieve the look that you want. You can either paste it on your windows vertically or horizontally depending on the style and size of your windows.

When it comes to decorating a home, there are thousands of wonderful ideas that can make your abode stand out from the rest. One way of doing just that is by using decorative films for your windows.

By Randall Freedman

Stained Glass Window Films For Homes

One of the most convenient and special method to redecorate a window is using stained glass window film. This new trend is fast becoming popular among home owners as there are various types of designs and patterns to choose from. Many home owners are becoming accustomed to this trend as a result of watching them frequently on favorite TV program and frequent featuring in home decor magazines.

There is more than just adding beauty to your home, the vinyl films also provide you with cost saving in electrical bills and adding seclusion to your lifestyle. The latest coatings can be applied to provide any glass with the effect of stained glass without the equivalent costing of substituting the windows with the actual ones. The merchandise can be placed through the internet or bought at hardware stores or home improvement outlets.

Owners who had tried it continued to comment positively about how easy it is to use them. You may buy them in big-format canvass and then trim them to fit correct measurements and designs of the windows. It is usually made from vinyl and there is no necessity for poisonous glue as it will remain stuck to the window.

Quoted as some of the many reasons for its popularity includes the enhancement and quality of the product and the simplicity of the application. Stained glass window films are good for the environment too. Light can still shine through the stained glass window film and this assists to provide the room with the brightness it requires without any other complementary lighting.

It also filters out up to 90% of ultra-violet rays that fades curtains and minimize heat penetration during summer. This way, your electricity bill can be greatly cut to a minimum.

Stained glass vinyl films also works perfectly for those who like a bit of seclusion but at the same time loves the fresh feeling of allowing sunlight into a house. All visitors see from the outside of the room is just a beautifully-designed window panes. However, what they did not noticed is that light are still shining through into the room. There is also less glaring and even at night, outsiders cannot see the inside even with the lights all switched on. The window coatings also provide some form of protection for your drapes and blinds if you wish to install them.

Stained glass window films can also be applied in shower enclosures too as it can withstand heat, steam and moisture. That is why they are becoming popular on shower doors and bathroom windows. Compared to draperies that may give a wrong perception to the size of the room, the product does not produce such an illusions.

Many people are amazed by the results of using such simple material and its ideas. With so many patterns and options to choose from, all designers will love them. You can even peel them off and reapply it on other windows or simply store them for future uses. You can now redecorate your homes without any hassle with these new ideas.

By Dl Hoh

Frosted Window Film – The Guide For Beginners

For the best privacy for someone on a budget, frosted window film is the best option. They are easy to install and have flexibility to be used in many different situations. They are able to used in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and other places where you desire to have privacy. Also, if you’re someone who needs something more artistic or styled, frosted window films come in many different patterns. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or old fashion look for the windows of your home, you’ll find something that will work great for you with these window films.

While frosted privacy films are used in many different places, they prove to be the most popular in the bathroom. Whether used for internal privacy on the shower doors themselves or used to keep out unwanted eyes on the windows, frosted films are great. With a natural resistance to moisture, you don’t need to worry about the film rubbing off over time because of your hot showers. For optimum bathroom privacy, you can’t do better than frosted window films.

Another great place that a lot of people used these types of films are on windows where people can use to peak inside easily near the entrances. If you have small windows near your front or back doors, you may consider using frosted films to stop them from peeking inside. Whether you have annoying neighbor problems or don’t want to entice a burglar, getting films, window shutters, or other window treatments up on these windows is important.

If privacy is an important issue for you, you’ll find no easier, cheaper, or higher quality solution than frosted privacy films. While other solutions are great like window shutters or large curtains, they can end up costing your hundreds of dollars more than film. Frosted film is cheap, available both in local home improvement stores and on websites, and are very a piece of cake to install yourself. Even if normal do-it-yourself projects tend to challenge you, you’ll discover that frosted films are super easy to do.

By Shawn Dolen