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Why Choose Home Window Tinting Film

Choosing Home Window Tinting Film can be a very important decision for your homes interior health. Window Film helps keep the sun’s damaging rays from entering your home and damaging wood, fabrics, carpets and even furnishings and artwork. Window Tinting also keeps your home cooler and reduces glare caused by the sun.

The new homes built today are filled with windows giving a feeling of spaciousness and beauty, unfortunately with all that glass comes the task of keeping the sun damaging rays out. You really only have three choices:

1. Do nothing, leave your windows wide open and enjoy the beautiful views of the outdoors, plus have all natural lighting throughout your home, your home looks and feels bright. But unfortunately with unprotected windows the suns damaging effects will cost the homeowner a great deal of money in replacement furnishings and even replacement or refinishing of wood and wall coverings.

2. Put up window treatments, this seems like a logical choice but with large great rooms and floor to ceiling windows, window treatments would be the worst choice to keep the sun out. Plus window treatments would have to be raised and lowered during the day, no one wants to live in a dark home, why put in all that glass if you are just going to cover it.

3. Use Window Tinting Film, this is becoming the best choice amongst the bunch. You still can enjoy your beautiful views and you still can have natural lighting throughout your home. The best thing about home window tinting is that you can cut the sun’s damaging UV rays by up to 99.9% and reduce the heat entering your home by up to 15 degrees.

The choice is clear, home window film is the best all around choice to protect your home interior.

By Mario Kotik

Creating Stained Glass for Home Window Film the Easy Way

There is now an easy way to create stained glass for your home window without burning a hole in your wallet. Many home owners love stained glass effect on their glass windows but simply could not afford to have one. The glass that is manufactured in factory is expensive.

Now, the easiest way to create stained glass look on any glass window is by using stained glass window film. They are made of vinyl and is long-lasting. They can adhere on any glass surface without the necessity to use glue or other type of adhesive.

The glass designs were first introduced on churches and buildings of religious establishment during the medieval era. Soon, the art of coloring glass were lost and so, stained glass became less popular. It was during the Victorian era that the secret and technology of coloring glasses were rediscovered.

When the technology of making colored glasses was rediscovered during the Victorian era, the application of colored glass was no longer restrained to churches only. It was widely used in commercial and residential buildings. The wide application makes colored glass industry prospered.

Even though today’s technology of coloring glasses had evolved much, the cost to purchase and install a colored glass is still too expensive for any private home owners. Hence, the advent of self adhesive window film is a product that will sell like hot cakes to these owners. Furthermore, the window film now is self adhesive.

Home owners can now put up glass window films totally on their own, without the need to employ any builders to do it for them. Usually, it takes around fifteen minutes to put them up. They also require only very simple tools to install the glass films and these tools can be easily found in the garage.

You can buy these types of glass films from many stores in the country. Since window films is now a household product, many merchandisers have also established online store to sell the glass film. When buying from an online store, always satisfy yourself that the merchandiser can be trusted.

One way to find out if the merchandiser or online store that is selling you the stained glass film can be trusted is to see how long it has been in business. They should also be able to furnish you with a list of happy returning customers. Many merchandisers should be able to provide you with at least three years of warranty for the window film.

By Dl Hoh

Decorative Home Window Film

Decorative home window films are great ways of sprucing up your interiors. It does away with those curtains you had to make do with for so long, the fabric for furnishing that you had to match with the other fabrics like the upholstery, coverings and tops. Decorative home window films can cling and they are non-adhesive materials. You can easily remove them, clean them and again place them in their positions. If you feel like re-doing your interior, you can always match the window film with the room theme and decor.

Manufacturers have come up with many designs to suit different tastes and ideas as more and more people are opting for decorative window coverings and doing away with heavy curtains. Curtains block off natural light and can darken up the room. Decorative home window films allow the natural light to flit in refracted through the glass. They have become very popular as the rooms take on a new dimension in aesthetics with the window films. They are not at all short of privacy. With privacy they also allow the natural inflow of light without the effect of UV rays that are effectively blocked out.

The effect of the refracted light through the decorative home window films can be very pleasing and soothing to the eye. Depending on the view outside and the environment, the privacy can be heightened with the use of lesser transparency in films that can offer refraction and ensure much more of privacy. Designs are myriad as people are going in for these films to decorate the windows instead if covering them up with curtains. Motifs are great as more manufacturers are thinking out of the box to cater to the ingenuity and unconventional tastes of home buyers.

Decors could be Asian, could be scenic, floral or fruity or any other pattern that suits the consumer. Lots of decors have come up to cater to the different tastes of an equally large clientele. Home window films can be used with different themes and designs for different rooms and can be chosen on the basis of the level of privacy required and the amount of natural light sought.

By Indri Maryani

Home Window Film: 3 Benefits of Installing

You know how harmful the sun and elements can be to your body, so what makes you think your home is any different? In order to protect the value and beauty of your property, consider investing in home window film in order to keep your house in the best condition possible for years to come. So exactly what does home window film do to keep your house protected? Here are some ways that it can benefit you and your family.

UV Degradation
Ultraviolet radiation is not a concern for your skin alone, many products and materials in your home can be affected in less time than you’d think do to overexposure to harmful UV rays. If you lack proper home window film to filter out these rays, you might notice over time that fabrics, carpeting, photos, and even wood begin to fade, warp, or dry out. Have you ever left a picture out in the sun for many weeks? It will appear faded, cracked, and damaged. This can potentially happen to your furniture, artwork, and other important items in your household if you don’t have some sort of protection. Home window film can block out the majority of UV rays that are the main culprits in aging your home and possessions.

Climate Control
Home window film keeps your home cooler or warmer when needed, making you less likely to sit sweating near the fan or huddled up in a blanket by the fire. Imagine the luxury of walking into a comfortably temperate home after a long day at work without having to rush to the thermostat. Home window film offers you a great convenience that will last for many years.

Save Energy and Money
So perhaps you aren’t concerned with your possessions being slightly sun damaged over the years, you can always just pull the shades on bright summer days, right? Home window film does much more than just act as a sunscreen for the interior of your house. By protecting your windows, you can help save on your energy bills. There are different types of home window film specifically designed for various climates. Whether you suffer through unbearable summers or bitter cold winters, the film can help control interior climate temperatures without you resorting to maxing out your heater or air conditioner. You’ll also increase the value of your home as well as making it more environmentally friendly.

If you’re worried about how costs, home window film may be able to save you great amounts of money in the long-term as you spend less on heating and air conditioning bills. You’ll also want to assess the potential it has to increase your home’s value. The film can come in a variety of tints to suit the different areas of your house according to the amount of exposure they receive and the amount of privacy you wish to have. There are many options available and custom jobs can be performed so you get exactly what is best for your home.

By Aaliyah Arthur