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Privacy Window Film – A New Eco Friendly Choice For Window Treatments

Decorative window film is becoming a prevalent choice over other, more traditional window treatments for some. With many decorative options to choose from, it is understandable why some prefer privacy film, but other reasons, including the fact that window film is a more energy efficient option for window coverings are causing more and more smart decorators to lean towards using this new form of decorating each day.

Privacy or Etched glass film, sometimes referred to as wallpaper for windows, is an adhesive free vinyl product that can be customized to fit over existing windows and enable natural light to fill a home, without allowing neighbors or passersby to see inside of the home. Using this product, a room can be transformed with styles that compliment a variety of window designs and home decors. While this is an aesthetic break from traditional window treatments, such as mini-blinds or draperies, people are also deciding on certain designs because they offer an energy efficient solution to room lighting and temperature control.

It has already been stated that privacy window film allows natural sunlight to fill a room, but in doing so, natural heat is also allowed to warm the room. Conversely, in warm, summer months, the film can also reduce the amount of heat that fills a room, particularly through westward facing windows that do not have the benefit of shade trees or awnings. A good quality privacy window film can be 8 millimeters thick and filter up to 95% of the UV rays that might otherwise be allowed to invade a home. In this way, using wallpaper for windows is both beautiful and a practical, very earth conscious for stylish decor.

There is no adhesive to contend with when installing privacy window film on glass, so there are never any fumes or toxins introduced to the home’s environment. It is also completely reusable, which further makes it a desirable choice for homeowners that are committed to preserving the earth through energy efficient and recycling efforts.

While traditional window treatments can be very beautiful and elaborate, they also tend to collect dust, odors and trap allergens, which can contribute to the health issues of a home’s inhabitants. With privacy window film, dust is easily cleaned with soap and water or ordinary window cleaner, making it a far better choice than draperies or blinds that are much harder to keep clean.

Traditional window treatments can also be hazardous to toddlers and small children that can become entangled in drapery sashes, tassels, or cords that accompany some mini-blind designs. Parents of young children are often warned to beware of these hazards that are of constant concern when present in a home. By using wallpaper for windows instead of traditional coverings, these hazardous parts simply do not exist, which places parents at ease and children in a more child-friendly environment.

With privacy window film, there is no need to spend extra time in the morning and evening opening and closing curtains or blinds. That chore is completely eliminated as privacy is afforded by day or night with privacy window film. With so many colors and styles to choose from and so many eco-friendly reasons to choose one, wallpaper for windows is easily positioned to replace traditional window treatments in the future.

By Jason L Harrison

LEd Lights: A Useful Technology

LED lights have become increasingly popular in homes and offices. Consumers want to help the environment so it is no surprise led lights are becoming the leader in illumination devices. Led light bulbs are the most efficient type of bulbs available because they stay cool and they are flexible. You can find led light bulbs in jewelry, flashlights, lanterns, and other common household items. The bigger bulbs are costly, but the smaller ones produce significant lighting.

Everyone is familiar with the incandescent bulb. These bulbs are made of gas fillings and filament. When it runs a while, it gets hot. The glow comes from the filament. They only last for 1,000 hours and fluorescent lights last 10,000 hours. This is equal to eleven years of use. LED lights are 90% efficient at conserving energy and the incandescent bulbs only produce 3% lighting. The other 97% is heat.

How did LED technology come about? Light emitting diodes were discovered by chance. In the early 20thcentury, scientists discovered light can be produced with Silicon Carbide. Since it produced dim light, no further research was conducted. Scientists revisited the concept 20 years later. The concept nearly die once more because it produced dim light. Experiments started again with British scientists in the 1950′s which produced the first infared LED. Each decade after this point expanded the technology. The application of different substrates yielded brighter lights in different colors like orange and green. Blue LED bulbs first appeared in the 1990′s. which laid the foundation for white lights Once the full array of colors developed, the flat-screen TV emerged in the late 1990′s. The prototype for flat screens first appeared in 1977.

The number of uses for LED increased as technology advanced. Emergency lights, vehicle lights, and traffic lights apply this technology. Perhaps the most beneficial use is lighted key chains. They can also be used for decoration. Anyone looking to conserve electricity or simply for decoration should consider LED bulbs. The cool component and efficiency can not be matched with other lighting choices. As technology advance, more uses will for certain be found for LED.

Stained Glass Window Film – Decorating That Can Jazz Up Your View!

When it comes to decorating our homes, most of us try to dream up different ideas to make it stand out from the rest. Generally, we are not looking to make our house something peculiarly unusual but we do want it to look great and have our friends and family notice the extra effort. One way of doing just that is by working with decorative window film. This relatively new decorating technique allows you do to so much more for your home then just installing drab old curtains or the usual mini blinds.

Glass doors
If you want to impact the whole atmosphere of any room that has a glass door, cover it with stained glass window film and give the room instant elegance. Many people like to choose a plain frosted look for doors with a design that has flowers or swirls in it. Others like to go with a design that looks like it is etched into the glass. If you are having a hard time choosing between the two looks then there are window films that combine both the etched and frosted look. No need to compromise, as you are able to get the best of both of these designs with just one choice!

Privacy and shade
By using decorative window film, you add both privacy and impact to your home. No matter which design you choose to go with, you will not only add beauty to the area but people will not be able to see in and it will help to reflect the light from the sun, which will help to keep your home much cooler in the warmer months. Also, by reflecting the Ultraviolet radiation away from the living room furniture, you help to make your interior decorations last much longer. Simply put, the less ultra violet radiation exposure, the longer the colors and patterns on your items will last.

Types and styles
There are many types and styles to choose from when you decide to go with stained glass window film. Two of the most popular styles are the frosted look and the etched glass look. Many people also like to incorporate mixed pattern prints to give the effect of a beautiful garden. You may also be adventurous and check out beveled and cut glass designs. These gorgeous window films allow you to present the look of stained glass, which will immediately change the whole vibe of your home. Not to mention that its more affordable then real stained glass windows by a significant margin!

Kitchens and bathrooms
When decorating a home, many people can easily overlook areas such as the kitchen windows and bathrooms. One idea involves the most mundane of places…the shower. It is entirely possible to change your entire bathroom’s look by adding stained glass film to your glass shower door. If done properly and with taste, the room looks incredibly finished, much warmer and more inviting, not to mention that it gives the person in the shower, much more privacy then just a regular clear glass door.

Areas to apply film
Practically speaking, window film is able to be utilized in all areas of your home that are made of glass. Because of this, it is very simple to add pizazz in just a short amount of time. You can apply borders, jazz up room dividers, make your light fixtures more interesting, and even add an interesting centerpiece mosaic to liven things up. Make sure to match the stained glass colors to your décor so that you can be sure that everything is in sync and that you are not going overboard. I often find that a little window decoration can go a long way. You definitely don’t want to make your room too gaudy!

Cost effective
You do not have to spend a fortune to get the customized glass look. Stained glass window film is very affordable. It is important to know how much you are able to spend before you go and make your purchase. With so many designs and styles to choose from, you will be sure to find something in your budget that you will be pleased with. Also of great importance, make sure you spend time upfront knowing what your end goal is. Take good measurements, and from there, your selection will be simple.

Finishing Touches
If you want to add flare to your home without spending your entire bank account, then stained glass window film is the way to go. You can change the look of any room by adding film to a window, door, or a light fixture. The best part of using window film, is that most of us have the simple skills required to install it ourselves. However, if you feel a little hesitant about tackling this by yourself, there are many step by step instructions, and helpful videos easily found online at many small niche focused websites.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, dream big, and find what works for you. All in all, window film is a cool little decorating idea that is great for any weekend project.

By Jason L Harrison

Tips When Buying Window Films Products

For homeowners who aim to maximize comfort and lower temperatures within home interiors, investing in window film products is a good option. Through the years, the popularity of such innovative products has risen robustly. It is not surprising that, currently, there are numerous window films available in the market. Designs have flourished and evolved and shades have been practical and logical.

If you are a homeowner who aims to make your home more comfortable, and beautiful, you should be thinking about buying window films products. However, the immense number of such items may be hindering your purchase as you may realize that indeed, there are just too many brands and specific window films in the market. You surely will need some practical guidelines about how you can choose and then buy the best and most useful window films products there are.

It is always important to make the best choice. The situation is no different if you need to buy window films products in the market. There surely are too many choices, but if you will be guided accordingly, you will never falter to pick the best products your house needs. Here are several recommended actions before you go to the store to buy window films products.

Assess comfort

The main and usual reason why homeowners buy window films products is the incidences of increased temperature and glare inside the house. If you have glass windows, you should know that the materials are effective absorbent of heat and light from outside sources. The general function of window films products is to reduce the entry into the glass windows of heat and glaring daylight.

Without window films, home keepers usually put shades or blinds into glass windows. The problem is that usually, such items are not effective in controlling heat entry. However, light is significantly controlled, most of the time making the interior of the house uncomfortably dark. Window films products are better than those because these items regulate light and heat entry into the inside of the house. Choose films that will not totally shun light, but will reduce if not eliminate unwanted high temperatures.

Choose lighter shades

Heavily shaded or tinted window films products are disadvantageous in that there is a need to turn on lights inside the house or room. Some people like natural daylight better than electric-powered lights. However, heavy tints on window films block light from the outside during daytime.

It is advisable if you will choose to buy spectrally selective window films products. These films help reduce gaining of solar heat while at the same time, transmitting ample amount of visible light from the sun. Standard films do not usually make it possible.

Select long-lasting window films products

In general, films in window films products usually last about five to 15 years on the average. Film manufacturers usually indicate the expected life span of their products. Choose those that last longer than the others. This way, you can further maximize the savings you could generate. It is not practical to change and replace window films often.

As for product warranties, manufacturers typically offer five to 10 years to window films. That means, homeowners can be assured that the window films products could be replaced and fixed for free within the period, provided, proper and prescribed use has been conducted.

Cautions when buying

You need not invest in window films products if the glass on your clear glass window is thicker than 3/8 of an inch and ¼ of an inch for tinted glass. The items are also not advisable for cracked glasses. Frames like solid aluminum, concrete and solid steel will put heat conduction risks if there is a window film attached. Textured and reflective glasses should also be abstained from the use of films.

Be warned that there have been incidences whereon windows cracked due to build up of intense heat. Solar exposure of non-strengthened glass is also risky.

By Bei Mi M.