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How to Choose the Right Plumber

When you need a plumber it is important to choose wisely. If you don’t pick a good plumber you could be left in, well, hot water! When choosing your plumber you must bear in mind why you need them, as well as considering their qualifications and why they are the right contractor for the job. Let’s have a look at these options.

Many times people are searching for a plumber to do a complete job on their new home build, or to handle the plumbing side of renovations or a planned upgrade to their hot water cylinder or gas appliances. If this is you then you have plenty of options. If you plan ahead, you will have time to research and find a good tradesperson and book them to do the job at a time that is mutually convenient. If your hot water cylinder has just sprung a leak, however, and it is raining in your living room, you will find your options are significantly diminished when it comes to finding the best price. You will probably be tempted to hire the first person who says they can fix it!

If you are planning renovations or a new build in advance, then ask around for recommendations from anyone who has had a good experience with a plumber. Don’t just think about getting the lowest price: you will want a tradesperson you can communicate with, who takes pride in their work and whom you will feel comfortable having around your home. These are things you can’t know by simply getting a price quote. Pay attention to things such as whether the plumber returns your call in a timely manner, and whether they give you options or help you find a good deal on appliances and hard fittings. Do consider the long-term benefits of choosing a quality job, rather than simply the cheapest. Bear in mind that a good plumber is likely to be well-booked. By planning ahead you won’t feel that you are running out of time to get your job done.

Also, make sure that the plumbers you are considering are licensed and insured, and are willing to sign a contract if major works are required. It’s important that your plumber is insured for accidental injury to themselves or their contractors, and that they are insured against any future problems with their workmanship. If anything goes wrong with the work later on, you shouldn’t have to fork out again to get it fixed.

If you need a plumber in an emergency situation, you are not going to have time to shop around for the best price. Some plumbers specialize in emergency call outs and offer 24-hour service. Look up your local phone directory or check the classifieds of your local paper to see if there is anyone nearby offering those services. Your local realtor may also be able to help out since they usually have a contact list of tradespeople available at short notice – give them a call and see if they can make a recommendation. Even though you feel desperate, still take the time to make sure the plumber you hire is licensed and insured. You don’t want to make things even worse by using an unlicensed plumber with whom you have no recourse if they perform shoddy workmanship.

A professional plumber takes pride in their work, even though some of it makes the rest of us squeamish! They not only handle water fit outs, but gas fitting, too. Even in an emergency you will be able to find the right tradesperson if you just ask the right questions.

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