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Beach Inspired Vinyl Flooring Options for Girl’s Bedroom

AuthenticWho said that girl’s bedroom must be dominated by pink tone? Bedroom of a girl aged three to five years old may be such, but girls in transition to adolescence may prefer different ones, such as beach-inspired tone. This has much to do with flooring selection for the bedroom. For a beach-inspired theme, vinyl flooring is a great option, since it is available in different color tones to match different styles.

Beach Inspired Vinyl Flooring

Simple installation, durability, and easier maintenance are known benefits of vinyl floors. However, the girls would not care much on such benefits. Instead, they put more emphasis on style the floor brings into the bedroom. Unlike the fantasy world-themed girl’s bedroom, which highlights the girly and beautiful side of the characters like Barbie, the beach-themed bedroom represents a vivid and lovely bright spirit, while maintaining the feminine side.

You can begin by installing vinyl flooring with marine themes, dominated by blue tones with water sparkles. With such flooring design, anytime the girl gets into the bedroom, she feels as though she were standing at the beach looking at the seemingly limitless sea. However, if you feel the marine-themed floor too much (that your sight is overwhelmed by blue color), you have another choice. You can choose vinyl floors done in soft beiges or muted sunset colors. These represent the feeling of stepping on the tan beach sand.

Beach inspired carpet flooring

Vinyl floors inspired from the beach themes, like Centertown or Fontana tiles available at, are great choices. To highlight the tones, add a sheet of textured carpet that represents the texture and color of the beach sand. You can select an ornate-style Persian or Oriental rug. Alternatively, you can apply an area rug that spouts natural elements like sea grass or sisal. This reminds you of walking on the seashore. Choose an area rug made of soft materials to emphasize the sandy feel and comfort.

A girl in transition to adolescence does not need flooring in pink heart design. She may feel bored with such a fancy fairy life. Whether you step on the highly resilient vinyl flooring or you choose an area rug the covers the floor, you will find an appropriate choice. Combination of beach-inspired tones brought about by the vinyl flooring and sea-inspired decorative items like surfboard mounted on the wall, beach umbrella, swim suits, a glass of jar with sea shells and frames filled with beach photos makes a perfect beach-inspired girl’s bedroom. Are you curious to try?